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It is surrounded by hills with a granvariedad species of conifer trees, shrubs and more. Ideal for Bird obsercacion both migratory and resident regional endemic.

It is a great adventure between ancient trails with spectacular views of Lake Atitlan and a cool environment. Suggested outputs back 11:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m.


Has trails, botanical gardens, coffee plantations, platforms and strategic locations for bird watching, also has a lagoon. It has two golf courses in 3 hours and another 5 to 7 hours. Walking through the cloud forest on the slopes of Atitlán Volcano. Output return 6:00 a.m 2:00 p.m


Has two paths. The trail of about 3 miles on top of the farm, within the cloud forest (primary). In this area there is an observation tower from which you can see quetzales in certain months of the year. (From the manor house in a wagon-wheel drive of the Villa, will take 35 minutes to reach the trailhead. There is another path in the humid subtropical forest. It is recommended to leave early or leave a day early and to overnight in the reserve.

Leave in the morning. 4:30 a.m. and 16:00 hrs ago. Private mini bus input and bilingual guide, 2 meals $ 95 p / p minimum. 3 people.

The 4-hour tours include travel up to 1 day depending on the place to visit, breakfast, transportation, checklist, bilingual guide and a small bird guide for reference.


Highland Guan, Crested Guan, Horned Guan, Squirrel Cuckoo, Lesser Ground-cuckoo, Lesser roadrunner, Sabrewing Rufous, Violet Sabrewing, White Necked Jacobin, Emerald chinned Hummingbird, Black Crested Coquette, Mexican Trogon, Elegant Trogon, Trogon Collajero.