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  • Visit a 100% Organic Coffee Farm

Tour coffee plantations growing different varieties of coffee.

A wonderful experience with friendly local Tzutujil residents. We provide a brief history of coffee and about the origin of the plant. Most people believe that the plant originated in Arabia and from there it was taken to Asia and then on to Europe.

During the colonial period the Europeans brought the coffee to America primarily to the Antilles and then to the American continent where it has been grown for about 200 years.Coffee was introduced to America as an ornamental plant by the Jesuits during the seventeenth century and it wasn't until 1855 that a few Guatemalans and foriegners started to export the product.

Your tour will be a journey of three hours observing the different varieties of coffee plants with glimpses of rare birds, corn and bannana plantations, as well as a type of tree grown between the coffee plants that provide shade for the coffee plants. Next its on to the coffee processing area where you will see the various processes used to husk, dry and roast the coffee.

The tour includes: Transportation by public or private boat from Panajachel to San Juan la Laguna with a duration of 40 minutes back and forth, and bilingual guide.

The Trip leaves at 9:00 a.m. and returns at 2:30 p.m.

Tour coffee 
plantations with friendly local Tzutujil residents.