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On November 1 and 2, the markets of Guatemala is full of marigolds, chrysanthemums and copal, an incense made of resin Columbian pine. People clean family graves and decorate them with tissue paper cutouts called papel picado, flowers and candles. We also honor the dead with festive foods such as candied fruits, tamales and cold cuts (a dish of sausages and vegetables prepared only at this time of year.) These dates mark the celebration of All Souls Day or Day of the Dead ", a very important festival throughout Guatemala, especially in the city of Santiago predominantly Kakchiquel Sacatepéquez, where a colorful kite ritual takes place.

Preparations for the Day of the Dead begins 40 days before November 1, when young people begin the construction of kites, a tradition that goes back at least 110 years. Usually, men did most of the work, but women today to join in the creation of intricately designed kites, there may be political, religious or cultural. At present there is a contingency women committed Sacatepéquez decision to compete in annual competitions and kite making.

On November 1, the inhabitants of Santiago begins to fill the cemetery at 4:00 am During the cleaning, painting and decorating family graves, neighbors fondly remember the deceased, and catch up on the latest news . Community bonds renewed and strengthened as people work closely together, sharing paint, tools and brushes for the renovation of the graves, while the flowers of water, pray, and picnic together. It is a good time.

Young people expect a strong wind to raise their giant kites to the skies, the spirits beckoning travelers to 4:00 pm, when comets are reduced and people back home village to await the arrival of the soul. People can create home altars in honor of deceased family members and relatives and neighbors visit each other to pay their respects. Visitors are offered chayotes cooked (a green vegetable), sweet corn, chilacayote and pumpkin (sweet), along with chicha, a fermented corn drink hot.

Departure from Guatemala City. 6:30 am. Return 3:00 p.m.

From Antigua. 8:30 am. Return 3:00 pm

From Panajachel. 6:00 am. Return 3:00 pm

Tour includes: Transportation by mini bus, bilingual guide and snack.