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  • Trekking Guatemala

TREKKING around Lake Atitlan and other locations in Guatemala!

Since we are 100% Guatemalan we know this country like the back of our hands. We will traverse ancient trails, providing a rare glimpse of the native animal life, beautiful terrains, diverse cultivations and incredible views. The local population you will encounter are very friendly and curious. We offer half day tours up to five day tours.

The tour includes:
Breakfast and or lunch and dinner, A professional guide, radios and cell phones for communication, transportation in boat or car, tents and sleeping bags, a first-aid kit and other necessary travel equipment....

TREKKING (Santa Cruz to San Marcos)
Walk around the lake on natural trails while visiting San Marcos, Tzununa, Jaibalito and Santa Cruz in 3 hours, all the while viewing the beautiful Lake Atitlán.

Price includes boat transportation, lunch at La Casa del Mundo (Hotel) and bi-lingual guide.

TREKKING TOUR 3 DAYS.(Mayan Experience)
Starts in Panajachel and goes to San Pedro la Laguna. Walk through natural trails, the rain forest, and vegetable cultivations such as corn and coffee. Experience the unique culture spending a night coexisting with families and the Mayan community. You will learn how to make tortillas and local food. Sleeping bags, mats, camping tents, boat transportation and bi-lingual guide included.

First day walking 8 hours from Panajachel to Sololá, San jose Chacaya over night.

Second Day 8 hours walking from San Jose Chacaya to Santa Lucía Utalán and Chuaraxamoló Eco park, See sunset and sunrise.

Third day 4 to 5 hours walking just down with a wonderful view of lake Atitlán and many towns that surround the lake.

Treks from Xela to Lake Atitlán 3 Days and many more routes to experience.....